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Interpreting Worldwide News from an Agorist Perspective

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Stun Cuff World

on Apr 17, 2019

stuncuffs.jpg (300x263)

In a world in which your 'facts' must be Government approved it's worth taking stock of what's in store for those whose 'facts' might fall just short of what's acceptable in 'polite, civilized' Government ministerial circles. The same people who will murder someone in cold blood for providing the opportunity/choice to another to indulge in momentary pleasure get to decide if your 'facts' neatly fit their self-serving narratives. If they don't it's a fact that they have every 'Right' to adjust your thinking.

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Tempting Carrots

on Mar 28, 2019

carrotandStick.jpeg (288x175)

The State uses it's stolen booty to consolidate and extend it's power. I've written before about the many 'sticks' (mental/physical) it has at it's disposal for obtaining that booty in the first place; but how about the 'carrots'?

I came across this website today that offered tempting prospects to the 'freedom loving' and technically inclined.

The OTF masquerades as 'Supporting Internet Freedom' but is in fact sustained by grants from the BBG, which is now the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), which itself is under the supervision of the State Dept. The USAGM was replaced with a single appointed chief executive officer as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (not a freedom loving document).

Whether you are a technologist or working in some other industry I suggest you research the background behind these front organizations. If it seems too good to be true ... it probably is ...

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Don't Vote

on Nov 06, 2018

Voting, as it currently functions within the State, is a key component in turning the myth of State authority into what appears, for many, to be 'reality'. The only 'reality' that arises from it is a dangerous mental delusion that it is perfectly normal, and acceptable, to use violent extortion against innocent people.

Many imagine that, at the moment of voting, they have exercised their 'power' and that the politicians live in fear of their collective will. At the moment of voting people give up all their power.

voting.jpeg (275x183)

They have publicly stated that their entire contribution to the politics of the world we live in consists of endorsing a politician salivating over the prospect of wielding the power that comes from harnessing the mass delusion.

hilaryandkissenger.jpeg (318x159)

If you want a better world you can start by not reinforcing the myth in the minds of armed men, who you do not control,

copsyoudontcontrol.jpeg (800x559)

that they are representing your best interests and then discovering that they do not.

Before decrying everyone else for their 'dumb' voting decisions, take a look in the mirror and think about your own next 'smartest' move. If it involves endorsing the next violent extortionist (no matter how well intentioned he/she appears) by voting, then you only have yourself to blame for the results.

As ever, Larken Rose manages to press the point home ...

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FAANG Alternatives

on Oct 01, 2018
Internet_Censorship.jpeg (730x400)
Just a quick list I hope you might find useful ...
Google Search -> Duckduckgo, Startpage, Searx
• Gmail ->Tutanota
• Google Maps → Openstreetmap
• Youtube -> Bitchute, peerTube, LBRY, Newpipe(android)
• Google Calendar -> Lightning Calendar, Nextcloud
• Google+/Facebook → Minds, Diaspora, Mastodon
• Google Photos -> Cryptee
• Chrome → Brave, Tor, Firefox
• Play Store → F-Droid, Aurora
• Google Drive → Nextcloud, Syncthing
• Android OS/ iOS → LineageOS, PureOS (soon)
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Seize The Narrative

on Sep 06, 2018

Seize_narrative.jpg (960x569)
"Your account is locked"

I have just been locked out of diaspora*

I re-joined only recently (last two weeks) with an #agorism tag and a link to one article

Diaspora was founded by this guy (with one other)

In the past (an earlier account I had) I used it to help write about journalists like Serena Shim and others who I would never have heard of otherwise.

These are the less well known cases (compared to e.g. Michael Hastings)
This is an ongoing trend that can only get worse: Corbett Report - Reddit

Just to clarify ... the 'original' diaspora* was an effective alternative to Facebook and was gaining a lot of traction. It was then hit by a lot of 'technical' issues and eventually resurfaced as this new, 'improved' version (full of NASA propaganda) and other sanitized posts. I've now been locked out of this new version (along with many others I expect).

As Corbett has pointed out elsewhere the answer to YouTube et al censorship is not to equate these businesses with public utilities and demand the State steps in to intervene to uphold free speech (as if that would ever be a 'solution' anyway). It is simply to remove one's business and turn to alternative, de-centralized, channels (such as this one or Steemit).

Caitlyn Johnstone is good at explaining how our current mainstream absurd narratives are cooked up and spewed out in detail and James Corbett also gives excellent background and catchup info.

How long before they attempt to shut these guys down as well?

Unless we take back control of these narratives oppression, destruction and death will be 'sold' to the public as it has so many times in the past.

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Am I A Statist?

on Aug 20, 2018


Rather than bemoaning the state of the world let's ponder, for a moment, on our own beliefs. The following are 14 questions that I hope you will find interesting. Try to answer in order and come to a definite conclusion before moving on to the next:

1. Is it ever good to break the law?

2. Can you think of a current example of a law that is already wrong? i.e. That it would be right for you not to obey?

3. Do you think it's right that you be forced to do things you are opposed to?

4. Is there something the gov does with money that you do approve of?

5. If someone e.g. doesn't have any children, don't need, don't want education, what should happen to them if they refuse to pay?

6. If you would allow them to refuse to pay tax would you extend that Right to everyone?

7. Would you apply this to everything on the list of things that people do/don't want? i.e. don't get the service, don't have to pay.

8. Is there any situation where gov should make people pay for their version of a service?

9. Do you agree it's bad to initiate beating someone up and stealing their money?

10. Do you agree people have the Right to defend themselves against someone trying to rob them (including hiring people to defend them)?

11. Do you agree there's anything the gov has the Right to do that normal people don't have the Right to do?

12. Does morality right/wrong apply the same to people with badges as to those without?

13. When it comes to gov, would it even be gov if it doesn't have special rights and powers? i.e. If we're all equal is it even gov any more?

14. Can you name anything that you want gov to do that you don't have the Right to do yourself (not ability, Right)? i.e. Anything that would be wrong if you did it?

(inspired by, but with no direct link to, Larken Rose's "Candles in the Dark/Mirror" projects).

Only you know for sure ... If you're not (a Statist) you may find these questions a good starting point for discussion with others ...

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Who Believes In Doing That To Which They Do Not Consent?

on Aug 13, 2018


If society was organized along the principles that it's participants only engage in activity to which they have consented, many (but certainly not all) of the problems the World now faces would evaporate. Corollaries of this view are that no-one can assign rights to others that they themselves do not posses and the non-aggression principle (NAP - no initiation of violence)

When we understand that the principle of the State is wrong, it's easier to see how we can easily fall into the trap of arguing in an unprincipled (State like) fashion.

"But principle has nothing to do with it. Statists have no principles at all. There cannot, for example, be any principled reason to cheer for the “war on drugs” while swigging a beer. There cannot be any principled reason to oppose random searches of people’s homes, if you accept and make excuses for random searches of people’s vehicles. There cannot be any principled basis for objecting to 99% “taxation” if you have already accepted the legitimacy and morality of 1% “taxation.” (Larken Rose)

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State Rape

on Jul 13, 2018

In sexual relations we have a provocative, powerful word for the unwelcome imposition of another's desire by force. In political relations no such word exists. Benign euphemisms such as "consent of the governed" or "will of the People" address the issue from the opposite perspective. But the word that really captures the spirit of such violent coercion is 'rape'.

Every time you are forced to do something you never consented to you are being 'raped'. Is a 'little bit' of rape (e.g. taxation) still OK?


What's the difference if the 'rapist' happens to be wearing a badge and uniform?

police brutality.jpg | tsa abuse.jpg

If you consent to such activities you are no longer being raped, only fucked.

The next time the State tries it on, say 'no'. Every Statist wants to believe you were "asking for it". Make it clear that you never did and that now you are being raped.


Well said Barack, although he might have ended with: "we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians ... making decisions ... on behalf of anyone"

Forced coercion, in it's many forms, is deeply ingrained into the heart of every State.

If you really want to stop rape, start by saying 'no'.

stop rape.jpg
Say 'no' to 'State Rape'

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Armed Extortionists From The World's Biggest Cartel Threaten Victims

on Jul 05, 2018

gangster threatens.jpeg

The IRS has figured out that cryptocurrencies can be used to avoid what their extortion racket calls 'taxation'. Using a PR device they refer to as 'democracy' they've managed to dupe many well intentioned people into thinking that armed robbery is good for them and everyone else. This has been a long time practice in most countries, of course, but now the heads of the '5 families' are getting together to do it on an international level. All part of a 'natural, organic' growth towards the 'New World Order'.

The best answer to this that I'm currently familiar with is Monero and doing as much business 'off the books' as possible.

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Escaping The Dialectic

on Jul 04, 2018

It's easy to criticize. Solutions are something else. One of the tragic paradoxes of humanity is that the best of intentions can produce the worst kinds of consequences. History stands as testimony to this unfortunate fact.

This blog, a never ending project of refining perspective, is designed to help us see the dialectic as it unfolds and to suggest ways in which we can withdraw our consent to it's unfolding in a direction that enslaves us further and cause it to evolve in a more constructive way via consent as opposed to present day violent coercion.

This is a monumental task, of course. Way beyond the scope of a single individual. The Internet has afforded us all the ability to leverage on enormous amounts of information collated and refined by others. I will therefore make reference to some of the sites that I believe may be part of the solution in terms of help us to see what's really going on and how we can perhaps change the direction of the dialectic in our favor. I expect this list will change over time as my own thought develops and better examples are found:

History is our first port of call:




Understanding Anarchy

Larken Rose


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Taxation is Slavery

on Jul 04, 2018

When you use superior force to cage someone because they won't give you their money you are a slave master to everyone who bows to your demand. This is part of the attraction of politics to politicians (and anyone who attempts to use the coercive force of 'democracy' to use force, disguised as a political process, to impose their worldview on everyone else).

Don't fall for the euphemisms and rhetoric. It has nothing to do with 'humanity'.

We're always told it's 'necessary' - it's 'necessary' for the State to re-create itself.

The money is stolen from you and then used to create an infrastructure of increased dependency on the master (the State and it's 'politicians').

Learn to recognize the language of the apologists for this theft which equates to slavery.

The 'boiled frog' approach is used so that the reality of the enslavement is difficult for the 'man in the street' to clearly perceive - however, we inherit the 'sins of our fathers'.

This is a trend that has been established worldwide

Would these police recognize the slavery that they support throughout society? As ever, they are using the most egregious examples of the symptoms of a world that we all inhabit to exhibit the State's 'humanity' and portray it as the go to for 'protection' from an inhumane world (itself constructed and developed by the State).

[18 Jan 2018]

What really happens when tax is justified because it 'protects the poor'. In fact it's used as another mind control vehicle for teaching people, who didn't buy into the carrot and stick education system, a lesson.

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Devolution - Missing The Point

on Jul 04, 2018

It's a strange phenomenon but when people feel disillusioned with the super states that they were conned into they think the answer is to create a smaller state, never realizing that it is the concept of the State itself and abandoning personal responsibilities (self ownership) to the State [any State] that is the real problem.

Why would checkpoints in Yorkshire be a good idea for anyone?

Are Yorkshire people prepared to shoot on sight any 'Southerner' who dares to cross the line unchecked?

If you want a life that reflects your aspirations, live a life that reflects your aspirations. Don't look to a monopolized, armed gang of thieves and power seekers to do it for you. If you do you will get what you asked for - in Yorkshire, Catalonia, Ireland, India or elsewhere.

The Wind That Shakes The Barley Film

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The Embryonic Financial 'Solution'

on Jul 04, 2018

Money is, of course, the great manipulator of human behavior and whoever controls it wields great power.

The globalists had every reason to run an imperfect IMF/World Bank/Bretton-Woods system. They could benefit directly from the early abuses and create a problem, have the world react in indignation to those abuses and then finally deliver a 'solution' that will drive the last nail in the coffin of freedom around the world.

We will be told that a move from the excesses of a populist 'uni-polar' system to a new, benevolent and fairer 'multi-polar' system will benefit us all.

The early stages of this process are outlined here. There will be many more steps to follow as I track it's unfolding ...

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Click For 15 Years In A Cage

on Jul 04, 2018

When you bow to 'authority' you acknowledge that you are a slave. The British Home Secretary has helped make it crystal clear today that it is your mind they are after. It was what the whole 'War on Terror' was designed to do, as I have written about many times in the past.

If you are so arrogant and/or stupid to suppose that your ideas will afford you a 'reasonable excuse' then I suggest you stop reading this blog immediately and return to watching the 'Great British Bake Off'.

It's time to decide if you have a mind of your own, or if yours is merely the plaything of your masters. Too extreme? Turn yourself in ...

Update following NZ shooting:

The Straits Times and Reuters live-streamed this video:


Which will get you 10 years in NZ:

Australia follows suit:


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The U.N. - Centralizing Your Enslavement

on Jul 04, 2018

A dialectic (problem/reaction/solution) is being used at an international level (yes, there are people who think in global terms). As a peon you're not supposed to look at such 'higher' issues (not in any detail). Don't leave it to your 'betters' to understand what's going on here. Don't resign yourself to their much longed for war (or be cowed by the threat of it). See the theatrics for what they are. Don't let them use mind control to wear you down so that you almost welcome war because the endless talk is so draining and everyday life has been made deliberately drab.

The current 'North Korean' sandbox is summed up here:

after the next North Korean provocation, whether it be a nuclear test or missile test, the US will have this rationale to act…

“China and Russia are protecting and enabling North Korea in their effort to build thermonuclear ICBMs that threaten America, so there is no way that ‘multilateral’ diplomacy can stop them. We must therefore act ‘unilaterally’ to put more pressure on the North Koreans. Stopping their ships and seizing illicit cargos will allow us to do this without attacking North Korean territory directly.”

Naturally, this action will lead to disastrous consequences, and the globalists will use this example of unilateral / unipolar folly in their effort to sell the multilateral / multipolar New World Order (the “new, reformed, strengthened” United Nations). They will say, “If the multilateral UN had had more power to compel the US to stick to diplomacy, this unilateral disaster wouldn’t have happened. We must therefore strengthen the UN to insure that this never happens again.” (Source: http://redefininggod.com/)

Don't fall for this, or any of the other theatrics ...

[6 Nov 2017]

Watch the show unfold in real time ... afterwards they'll claim it was all 'unforeseeable' and 'accidental' and of course the result of the folly of 'populism' for which Trump is the fall guy

Do you hate North Korean people? Who have suffered terribly from the sick superstition of Statism. Don't fall for all the false flags and excuses for murdering other people who have no more control over the operations of the State than you do.

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