Neccesita Translaccion?!?



    happie hedgehog
    -Image courtesy WiseGEEK

    1- A (cute) warm-blooded worm-eating nocturnal insectivore that doesnt like to be bothered.
    2- A free and independent spirit who does not follow a leader or a group or a hive-mind.
    3- A recluse (like a monk) and/or widow (who likes to hide)

    Southern Hedgehogs??

    Ever herd of "Southern Hospitality"?
    I nose...its a joke. You only get it in the deep south. Neighbors and people are supposed to care.
    We dont like the cold up norte. And theres nothing like a warm summers day...
    Being southern (or hillbilly country) is a way of life, not just a location.

    But sometimes Im a Mean-ole pokey-monster w attitude...
    Im a huffing puffing ball of ouch when I dont like you -
    or you wake me up-
    or ewe being MEAN.

    Please be a NICE HUE-MAN...

    We have noticed some buggies crept in here and we wanted to let ewe nose what we found.

    Of course you know about this famous hedgehog, Sonic.

    O.. O.. You mean *this one*...?

    (There isnt much difference except height and size...)
    Why did "A Video Game company" choose the Hedgehog?

    Hey, humie! EYE found someone REALLY helping the HEDGE!
    Check out this news post I wrote...

    We fully intend on going 501c3- ASAP. The funding isnt here.
    THAT SAID- Harry needs YOU to cooperate in "helping the UK hedge-huggers"!
    The STORE page has details.

    You will probably outgrow me (or bore of my pokey-ness) before I finish nudging you…

    Here are some Messages from our sponsons.

    Site updates are posted in the "news section".
    Dont forget to check the blogs (or ask for the feed dispenser).
    (I could be hard at work behind the scenes and you wouldnt even nose it...)

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